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​What is one of the best and most satisfying snacks for around 200 calories?  3 hard boiled eggs. 

​3 hard boiled eggs provide 19 grams of protein at only 3 grams of carbs and 230 calories.  Being low in sugar and carbs, they do not cause a major spike in blood sugar.  The shell provides a convenient way to keep it clean when packed or stored and the process of peeling it adds to the satiety by slowing the eating process and connecting you more to your food, rather than just mindlessly cramming a granola bar in your mouth while doing something else.  The 16 grams of fat also aid in keeping you full for longer.

​Here is an amazingly easy way to cook them.  Snag this egg cooker and just follow the directions!

​Choosing organic cage free or free range eggs usually provides a healthier fat content and higher levels of nutrients and reduces the transfer of harmful chemicals from the chickens food to the egg to you.

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