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Welcome to the Go Green section of the Next Rung!  Please scroll down for some interesting information and suggestions.  Together, we can keep this world a beautiful place where future generations can thrive.

Leave Zero!   



​The statistics on the number of beverage bottles that end up in the landfill or waterways are staggering.  Plastic bottles also may contain chemicals that get into our water, and then into our bodies.  Get yourself a reusable bottle, like one of these from Leave Zero, or elsewhere. 

​COTTON INDUSTRY CHEMICALS                          

Information and photo from RodaleInstitute.org                                         view article

​16% of the pesticides used on crops are used on cotton.  At least 8 of them are classified as hazardous by the World Health Organization and some can be found in our groundwater.  Much of cotton is also GMO.

Want to make a difference?  Purchase products made with organic cotton, here, or elsewhere.

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