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​A great way to improve you diet is by planning ahead for snacking.  There are many very healthy foods out there that make great, filling snacks, and are very easy to take with you wherever you go.  Do not limit yourself to what the vending machine or fast food joint offers. 

Avocados and eggs come in their own wrapper and are very healthy and fulfilling.  Nuts are too and you can put them in small containers to make them easy to take and avoid overdoing.  Fruits like bananas and oranges also come in their own 'wrapper' and do not need refrigeraation to take with you.  Apples are also very easy.

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If you plan ahead and surround yourself with some of these or other healthy options, it is much easier to avoid the vending machine or fast food traps.  Below are some tips for preparing avocados and eggs:

Avocados are ripe when no longer firm to touch.  Let them sit out until ripe and when ripe, store them in the fridge so they will last longer.  But they do not need to be kept cold when you take them with you.  To eat, cut lengthwise around the pit, like the picture above.  If you want to save half, keep the pit in one half, cover with plastic wrap or tin foil, and place in fridge.  The pit will keep it from browning.  To remove the pit, hit it with a knife so that the knife embeds in the pit, press and twist, and remove.  To eat, you can scoop our with a spoon or slice and then scoop out with the knife.  Eat it plain with the spoon or add to a variety of foods like salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, etc.

Prepare eggs by covering in pot with water, heat on high until boiling, cover and remove from heat for 15 minutes.  Or, get an egg cooker and follow the instructions.  This cooker is amazing...the shells come off very easily!  Hard boiled eggs will stay good in the fridge for about a week. 

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